​Asian Salmon Bowl

​Asian Salmon Bowl

​Asian Salmon Bowl

another great recipie by Zella

​Asian Salmon Bowl

One of the ingredients used in this tasteful and healthy recipe is a herb called lemongrass. Lemongrass grows in tropical climates and looks a bit like green onions. The white core of the lemongrass stalk has a subtle lemon-floral taste and therefor lemongrass is often used in the Thai-, Indian-, Indonesian- and Vietnamese cuisine.

When you buy lemongrass, stay away from lemongrass that is soft, or dry, with leaves that are already brown on the outside. Lemongrass usually comes in a bundle, but if you only need one or two stalks..do not throw the rest away. When you wrap the stalks tightly in plastic you can keep them fresh in the refregerator for a few weeks, or in the freezer for up to six months.

To prepare a stalk of lemongrass for cooking first trim the top and the base and then cut the stalk in two or three pieces. To release the flavor you need to (gently) crush the stalk, using the back or the side of a chef’s knife. Then add the stalk pieces to your dish and once you’re done cooking make sure to discard the stalks before serving.

Ingredients of the Asian Salmon Bowl:

Basmati rice* (about 130-200 gr. cooked weight per person, depending on female/male or small-/big eater)

Fresh salmon steak (about 130-180 gr. per person, depending on female/male or small-/big eater)

Sweet onion (1 per person)

Celery stalk (2 stalks per person)

1 stalk of lemongrass (1 per person /1.5-2 for a dish for 2 people)

Some ground pepper

A dash of sea salt (be careful with salt/ limit your sodium intake)

Some olive oil for baking

A slice of lemon

*50 grams of uncooked rice makes about 125 gr. of cooked rice.

Uncooked weight x 2,5 = cooked weight

How to make it:

Cook the rice according to the package and set aside. Cut the onion and the celery in small pieces. Prepare the lemongrass stalk as mentioned before. Cut the salmon in pieces (not too small, about 3 centimeters cubes). Heat up the olive oil in a baking pan, and add the pieces of onion. After 2 minutes add the salmon and the lemongrass. Stir carefully. After 3 minutes add the pieces of celery and the cooked rice, plus a dash of pepper and sea salt, according to taste. Stir carefully for another 2-3 minutes (until the salmon is not raw anymore). Remove the lemongrass stalks and serve the dish in a deep plate or large bowl. Garnish with a slice of lemon.

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