​Celebrating 75 years of freedom

​Celebrating 75 years of freedom

​Celebrating 75 years of freedom

By our trainer Sanne

​Celebrating 75 years of freedom

Nowadays, we know no different than that we can live in freedom. Yes, we do have work to do and taxes to pay, but no time has been this drenched with freedom as it is today. We are free to wear whatever we like, hang out with the people we like (well, currently with a little physical distance), listen to the music we like and most of all, say what we want. Of course, some people take it to the extreme and choose to offend people with their freedom, but on average, most people use this tremendous opportunity to try and make this world a better place. On this day that has been our token of freedom for already 75 years, I would like to propose to do something for each other. May it be something small or huge.

We were liberated 75 years ago from the Nazis, and with that, from the war, the repression and the fear. But fear (and some claim the repression as well) is still with us today, as we are in a whole new battle. The battle we are slowly winning, but which will undeniably leave a solid mark on all of us. The identity of this mark is up to us, but I believe that I would rather have it resemble the empathy that we have for each other and the sacrifices we made to keep each other, even strangers, safe than that it resembles a selfish time where we clung to our freedom at all costs. I know it asks a lot of us, to celebrate so many holidays in solidarity, whereas we are used to coming together in large crowds. We are gregarious creatures, always looking for excuses to gather. But today we should battle for the freedom of other people, the people that are bed-ridden in the hospital, because their immune system was uncapable of defeating the virus. We should fight for the doctors and nurses, who are sacrificing themselves for the greater good. We should protect the vulnerable, who are likely to suffer the most from corona-infection and are more ridden with fear than most of us. Therefore, in my opinion, this years fifth of May should be dedicated to a new freedom. The freedom to be alone, the privilege to pursue a better world. The main question that remains to be answered is how we can all stand together while being physically distanced.

Here are some ideas. Some of them are not my own original ones, but they are worth spreading:

Doing 75 repetitions of different exercises in your workout (burpees, lunges or squats)

Having a 75-minute conversation with somebody

Reading 75 pages of a book

Walking or cycling 75km (alone or with the two of you)

Doing a 75-minute powernap

Eating 75 pieces of something you like

Putting 75 pieces of clothing on

Listening to 75 different artists

Sending a message to 75 people

Changing the location of 75 objects in your house

Learning the definition of 75 new words

Being mindful of this day, of celebrating in a different style that is conventional, will bring us even emotionally closer than those 6 inches or 1.5 meters. I’d like to think that when we fight together, we will create a connection that we can use to win, a winners mentality stronger than corona. United we can!

Stay safe and stay happy

Geplaatst op 5 May 2020, om 09:35

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