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​Blog meditation

​Blog meditation

‘Intensive self-Care’ - by our trainer Stephan Manasvi

​Blog meditation

Corona feels like a mirror for me. A mirror that is hammering me to take intensive care of myself. I feel like I am stimulated to close my eyes these days. To really see what is happening inside. In a state of open eyes I go out, have drinks on a sunny terrace and have several appointments with other people on a day. Without this social distraction I face myself even more. Not always pleasant, but extremely potent.

You may recognize this. All tension, stress, boredom, frustration or fear inside now gets all the space to come to the surface. And we (or our mind) is of course not very happy with this. We interpret this situation as unpleasant or something to reject. But keep in mind that in times of crisis, the most beautiful and creative ideas may arise. A good example is what we see right now in society; how we try to help the elderly and weak ones, or find out that a zoom drink or party is not that bad (or a digital USC class !). If this period might feel like an erupting volcano for you. Don’t worry, it is ok. We can see it as an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and life; in order to grow. And keep in mind that after every volcano eruption the soil is super fertile. This might be a period from which new beautiful things can arise !

Corona offers us the perfect space and time for intensive self-care. How ? By awareness. What is awareness? Awareness is the observation of your feelings and thoughts without losing yourself into it. You can try it everywhere. Be aware of how you feel without any judgement (‘about what is a pleasant feeling and what not’). Also be aware of the thoughts that pop up in your mind. It may help to observe the thoughts from an imaginary distance. Project them on a screen like you are watching a movie in the cinema.

I would like to conclude with a short meditation (2-5 minutes) and share with you how to connect with your beloved ones that might be far away. And we are not going to use our mobile phone, Skype or zoom. There are more ways – than physically or verbally – to connect in life. A new connection where being apart or distance does not play a role. Try and experience!

Instructions are as follows :

  1. You may sit or lie down. Whatever feels comfortable for you.
  2. Close your eyes, and be aware of your breathing.
  3. Breathe a few times. Notice your belly rising with every inhale and falling with every exhale.
  4. And after a few breaths imagine the person you miss or want to connect with. Try to feel his or her presence and energy. You may visualize the person in front of you.
  5. Stay in this connection for a while. And if you like you can say or share something to the person (inside yourself or you may whisper).
  6. When you feel it is the right time to stop, first focus on the breathing, and slowly move some body parts before opening your eyes again.

Stephan Manasvi

Geplaatst op 29 Apr 2020, om 09:59

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