Let’s RUN (alone)!

Let’s RUN (alone)!

Let’s RUN (alone)!

By our trainer Ana

Let’s RUN (alone)!

At the moment, we are looking for alternatives to hitting the gym. RUNNING is probably the most obvious one. However, you might encounter difficulties motivating yourself to go out running or you feel like you simply do not enjoy it (that’s why you usually go to the gym after all, right?)

With this article I want to motivate you to at least give it a try! I promise with the right music and good weather it can actually be a blast!

Did you know that it’s actually the most effective form of movement for your cardiovascular system?

5 Reasons why Running is one of the best things you can do right now

  • You can do it by yourself
    This way you protect yourself and others.
  • You choose your own route
    Preferably run outside of the city centre and find some beautiful and less popular locations, this way you discover new places & avoid excessive contact with other people.
  • Running strengthens your immune system in the long term
    People who run at a moderate level experience fewer colds and upper respiratory tract infections.
  • Running helps to reduce stress
    Running reduces levels of your body’s stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol.
  • Running improves your mood
    Running stimulates the production of endorphins and chemicals in the brain that elevate your mood and decrease pain (such as noradrenalin, dopamine and serotonin).

4 Things to keep in mind when hitting the road

  • Keep your 1,5 m distance to other people
  • Don’t overdo it!
    If you train too hard, your body and immune system get unnecessarily stressed, therefore they will be more susceptible to infection.
  • Find the right speed
    You should be able to hold a conversation while running, but not be able to sing along to your playlist.
  • Fuel your body
    As with all exercise it is important that you are hydrated, drink water before and after your run, try not to eat a proper meal two hours before your run and maybe a light snack (I love bananas) 1h to 30 minutes before your run to properly fuel your body but not feel too heavy. There’s nothing worse than running with a full belly.

3 Things to make your experience more fun

  • Instead of stretching before/ after your run try yoga
    Running and yoga are a great combination, try one of our Live yoga classes after your run as the perfect fun cool-down.
  • The right shoes and clothes
    Good running shoes and a supporting sport bra are key to protecting your body and make running fun in the long term.
  • The ultimate playlist
    I usually listen to a Latin music playlist; this always gives me an energy boost. Find what makes you happy. Podcasts (maybe you have to catch up with some lectures?) might also be a great entertaining alternative.

Enjoy the fresh air & sun! Stay healthy!

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